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Control your smart home with TUYA app

All devices in one place


Push Notifications

Real time notifications about alerts and device status


Home members

Add more that one user of smart devices


Complete Automation

One-click execution and automation  to achieve easy smart device linkage

Our Products

Smart Door Bell

Smart Door camera with advanced motions sensor. Night mode with infrared  vision and playback option

Up to 6 months of battery life without recharging.

Instantly get notifications and alerts to your smartphone


Compatible with TUYA app

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Smart Door Lock

Waterproof and durable aluminum door lock with multiple ways to unlock

Up to 100 users with

  • Individual pass code

  • Fingerprint access 

  • RFID card.


One year battery life with 20 openings per day

Compatible with TUYA app

Home Security System

Control various sensors with security system using touchscreen or RFID tags from distance

Home System allows you to operate your sensors, and sends you alarm notification if any door or windows is open.


System can be customized depending on your personal needs, types and quantity of sensors.

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